Dried beef, also known as Beef Jerky, has many advantages. This ideal healthy snack for an outing is low in fat and high in protein. Easy storage is another important feature, it is not necessary to store in the refrigerator as with other meat-based snacks.

Thanks to the drying process, the meat does not lose its nutritional properties, only water. Such processing of meat has been known for many years, it is a proven way as a result of which the snack is light and does not take up much space.

Dried beef is a great addition to the daily menu, for the reason that it has an excellent taste. This treat can also be part of a ketogenic (carbohydrate exclusion) diet. Well-dried meat will be fit for consumption for a long time, maintaining proper storage. On offer at ArmyWorld.pl you will find a lot of flavor variants, i.e. pepper, hot&sweet, Biltong or Less Salt version. The types of meat you can find with us are, of course, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, the salami product, and even a Vegan version based on plant proteins.

We can, of course, prepare the dried snack ourselves, in the oven, in a fruit dryer or by drying naturally. Adjust the thickness of the slices and the degree of drying to your preference. If you prefer softer, less dried pieces remember that the time to consume will definitely shorten.

Dried beef is an indispensable item for any tourist.

What does the preparation of this kind of snack actually look like?

The first stage is salting or marinating, which is done by placing it in a brine solution or by rubbing the surface of the meat with a solid amount of salt. The process is time-consuming, and meat preservation is slow, so storage temperature is also important. Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 5°C.

The next and longest stage is maturation. If the meat was rubbed with salt, remove excess salt from the surface. Ripening takes place at a constant temperature in the range of 2-6 °C and in a place with good air circulation and humidity of approx. 80%.

The final step is drying at room temperature and low humidity.

This practice makes the meat tender and delicate. Ripened products differ in price shelf from common products due to production time.

In the survival section you will find a tab food. There, products are waiting for you Indiana Jerky. Dried meat is not only great for expeditions, but will be a good safety net in case of BlackOut's.