1 1. If you are wondering what means our item's CONDITION?

The brand-new condition means the item comes directly from the manufacturer. New in storage condition means that we purchased the item from military resources, it has not been used previously by soldiers. On the items you can find its ex-owners signatures, however, it does not mean the item has been used. Moreover, not all items have a tab. Garments, accessories, and equipment which have been previously used by soldiers we determine depending on its condition. We classify 5 categories: 1. Perfect condition – the item with minor signs of use 2. Very good condition – the item with basic signs of use 3. Good condition – the item with visible signs of use, sometimes repaired to full working or minor soilings 4. Sufficient condition – the item with significant signs of use, pilled, snagged, soiled, etc. accessories have defects 5. Second quality (II quality) – the items with shortage in the structure, garment / shoes with significant defects, worn out, holes, discolorations, need to be repaired. Please bear in mind that all military items feature by the distinctive smell of a military warehouse. In the case of intense smell, we try to inform you about it in a product description. All new or used items sometimes have cassation stamps, however, it usually vanishes after washing.

2 2. What does mean SET in the item's title?

It means that the items are is also available in our wholesale offer at a better price.

3 3. „Out of stock, restocked soon” when the item will be available?

Unfortunately, delivery of the military goods and Haix II quality boots is out of our control – we recommend visiting our website now and then to check availability and enter your email address to be notified of availability.

4 4. Why Haix shoes are available in several grades?

Our company is an official representative of Haix shoes in Poland. In our store, you can find brand-new shoes with manufacturer's warranty as well as II and III quality shoes with visual defects. The manufacturer classifies the shoe grade. Shoes rated as II quality have cosmetic defects, whereas, III quality have cosmetic defects and leaky Gore-tex membrane, which means the shoes are not 100% waterproof. Cosmetic defects are usually unnoticeable, however, it is possible that the boots would not be as durable as the same first quality boots. Despite the fact that the boots are not full-value footwear is much higher quality than similar purpose footwear in this price class.

5 5. How to choose the right size of shoes?

Shoes are available in different sizes. We try to use BW sizing, which tells the length of the foot on which a given size is designed. The shoe insert is about 5 mm longer to maintain proper clearance (room). Shoes are also available in various widths: S - small – narrow foot M – medium – standard width foot L/W – large – wide foot The insole size is the same for all widths. The difference is in shoe construction. We are not able to measure it.

6 6. Do photos reflect an actual product's condition?

The photos show a product feature, not a condition. Please note that the colour at real may be slightly different and depends on monitor settings.

7 7. What does the British sizing of trousers e.g.80/92/108means?

The first number of the size refers to inseam, the second an optimal waist circumference, whereas the third refers to hips circumference (e.g. 80leg/ 104waist/120seat, measure 80 cm inseam, 104 cm user's waist circumference, and 120 cm hips circumference).

8 8. What does NATO size e.g.7585/7080means?

The first number refers to the user's height, the second to the user's waist circumference e.g. 7585/7080 equates to height 175-185 cm, and waist circumference of 70-80 cm.

9 9. What sizing of the Polish Army garments means e.g.92/172/90?

The sizing refers to approximate user's measurements. The numbers refer to the user's chest / height / waist circumference respectively.

10 10. Size charts visible in items descriptions.

The sizing of brand-new items can vary slightly. Tolerance for the dimensions given in the table is +/- 2 cm. Military surplus items can vary slightly from the dimensions in sizing charts. The difference occurs because of the production year, manufacturer, or condition of the particular item.

11 11. Caps sizing.

Cap size equates to head circumference.

12 12. Condition of used military surplus compasses.

Sometimes compasses in used condition do not include a lanyard which is visible in the photo. Items rated as avery good condition have standard signs of use. Good condition means that the scale on a baseplate can be slightly unreadable. A mirror can be scratched or with minor defects. Compasses with air bubbles work - however, have air bubbles of 0,5 to 1 cm – we send at random. The visual condition of such compasses is good.

13 13. Condition of used military surplus glasses and tactical goggles.

Goggles and glasses rated as new storage condition were made for military needs, however, have not been previously used by soldiers. There are several preset items condition options which refer to a state of wear. Items rated as avery good condition have basic signs of use like minor scratches on glasses or frames. Items rated as a good condition has visibly scratched glasses or frames but they do not influence on its use. Items rated as sufficient condition have significant scratches on glass and frame.