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In the department SURVIVAL AND OUTDOOR there is a wide selection of necessary accessories for an expedition in the open air or under a tent. All products available at ARMYWORLD.PL are carefully selected and come from renowned manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and reliability in harsh conditions on expeditions.

When planning a summer trip, do not forget about mosquitoes and thicks repellents or mosquito nets. During each trip it is also important to provide proper food. Portable gas stove or tourist ring for outdoor cooking will greatly improve the quality of outdoor meals. Light and durable travel dishes, cups, plates and cutlery increase traveler mobility. Folding chairs, tables, camping tarpaulins will provide a comfortable place to relax and eat open-air.

SURVIVAL AND OUTDOOR also include survival kits with equipment necessary to survive in extreme conditions, such as knives, flashlights, compasses, paracord ropes, firesteels, etc.