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Going on a expedition into the unknown? Purchasing a tourist cooker and other accessories to make it easier to prepare meals while traveling in the remote area is definitely a good idea. The cooker is the basis of every trip, even weekend outings. Self-preparation of a hot meal, brewing tea and providing warmth in more difficult weather conditions significantly increase the comfort of the user during the trip.

Tourist gas cookers are popular due to their lightness, practicality and ease of use. The small size allows for convenient carrying with the rest of the equipment. When choosing, pay attention to features such as flame control, wind protection panels and stable burner arms to keep the pot on uneven ground. Burners for comfort of use usually have a built-in piezoelectric lighter to facilitate the use of the dish.

The choice of burner is also influenced by the place of travel. Handy solid fuel cookers are often chosen by people going uphill, as the difference in pressure and temperature does not affect their operation. Solid fuel cookers are often made of titanium and are characterised by small size.

At Armyworld.pl you will find a wide selection of tourist cookers, burners and cooking accessories. On the website you will also find military stoves and sets of pots from military storage resources. Before puchasing, familiarise yourself with the condition of contract item of the military product.