Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle

Have you wondered what cooking in nature would be like? We'll introduce you to a mega-popular survival vessel for preparing boiling water. Tourist kettle is usually associated by customers with a gas stove or a vessel hanging over a campfire. Irish brand Kelly Kettle introduces iconic kettles with innovative design. The dish allows you to boil water or prepare a meal very quickly.

Kelly Kettle is primarily associated with the famous kettle and camping equipment. The company's products have been essential camping equipment for Irish fishermen and fishing guides for generations. Today, Kelly cookware is popular and used among avid outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The experience of the board of directors and the staff is put to good use in the business and thanks to their enthusiasm, drive and determination, the popularity of "Kelly Kettle" grows every year. The company's motto is "Anything is possible...the impossible takes a little more time!".

Kelly Kettle na polanie

Kelly Kettle is a very practical and lightweight piece of equipment that will work well for both a day trip and a multi-week trip.

The construction of the vessel is based on a conical chimney that goes through the entire height of the kettle.

The stand included with each set acts as a hearth. Place it on a level surface, put leaves, small brushwood or dry grass in it and set it on fire. Then place the filled vessel on the stove. To start a fire you can turn the base with the opening towards the wind. By doing so, you will ensure airflow through the fire source. An important advantage is that the stove does not require the use of fuels, but only natural firelighters.

Cooking with Kelly Kettle is very fast by flowing the flames through the height of the kettle. Bringing water to a boil is ok. 4 minutes. The green whistle included with each set, pinforms us about the. When removing the kettle from the hearth, be sure to grab the handle at a 90° angle so that your hand is not directly over the fire source.

It always comes with a practical carrying case that makes it easy to carry the kettle around. Remember to let the dish cool down before packing it in the cover.

Cooking with Kelly Kettle cookware is part of the idea of SLOW FOOD, i.e. conscious and healthy slow cooking. The way the meal is prepared has great taste and nutritional value. Cooking on trips with field stoves helps minimize the cost of meals consumed.

If you are starting to complete your field kitchen and need additional accessories, in our offer you will find complete sets from Kelly Kettle. The kits additionally have pots, pans, cups, plates, grill or props - everything to prepare a meal in the field.

Kelly Kettle is definitely the perfect gear for the whole family as well as solo hikers. During summer excursions, but also winter hunting, the travel kettle will provide you with a hot drink or meal.