Bent, sickle-shaped blade makes it easy to cut mushrooms right off the ground. Handle sometimes equipped with measuring tape allows you to measure the size or diameter of the fungus, and the brush is used to pre-clean the prey from the dirt of the undergrowth. The opposite side of the blade equipped with teeth, is designed for scraping the leg of mushrooms. The sometimes additional snap hook makes the tool easy to carry. Attaching the knife to a bag / belt or case creates a protective barrier against damage to the wooden handle.

Mushroom season is based on the end of summer and the beginning of autumn (especially September and the first half of October). Experienced mushroom pickers have their own mushroom picking areas. The mycelium being in the soil, it stays in one place for several years, so when you return to the same harvesting site, you are sure to encounter them there again. Common species fruiting bodies appear on average one year after harvesting. Having the right tool, all that remains is a trip to the forest!

Among the leaves, moss and branches, look out for brown hats. Mushrooming is an extremely tedious process that requires and somewhat teaches patience. If you find a fruiting body, don't rush any further. Examine the area carefully, as mushrooms often grow in clusters. Are you a beginner mushroom picker? Be sure to familiarize yourself with the species of mushrooms to be harvested. Bring a mushroom atlas or an experienced person with you. One mistake can have tragic consequences. If you have the slightest doubt, do not collect, do not expose yourself to unpleasant consequences.

Frequently asked question; twist or cut out? Well, both ways are correct. Cutting out the fruiting bodies will make the work of cleaning up later easier. Before cutting, the mulch should be scraped away, and the stem should be cut right next to the mycelium. Cover the site of the cut with fleece, so that the mycelium does not dry out and mushrooms reappear there. Twisting will work best with lamellar mushrooms i.e., chanterelle or rufous. After collecting also drifts the place with mulch.

Mushrooming is a great outdoor activity. Forested areas will allow you to calm down from the daily run and it is a great way to spend time with your family.