Have you ever wondered what your reality would be like during a prolonged power outage, difficult access to food or during a war? Would you be able to survive?

For various types of emergencies or natural disasters, the following are certainly prepared PREPPERSI. The word itself is derived from English and means PREPARATION. Preppers, therefore, is a person who is prepared for the lack of access to energy sources and other resources necessary for daily use - in other words Blackout. Lack of power supply can also contribute to lack of access to running water (no water supply), closed establishments, stores, inaccessible cellular network, lack of heating and many others. Given the situations that are happening these days: pandemic, wars, environmental disasters, being a Preppers is a valuable skill. Gaining competence Preppers i.e Preppering.

The skills of a prepper will allow you to survive all kinds of emergencies or natural disasters. Creating shelters, proficiency in lighting fires in harsh conditions, and the ability to conserve are key. Preppering teaches self-reliance and being independent of modern conveniences. Being creative and open allows you to create your own ways of doing things, after all Preppering no restrictions.

How to become a Preppers?

  1. Educate yourself - get as much knowledge as possible about prepping and the various risks that can be encountered. Read books, articles, online forums or watch videos related to the topic. Understand what basic human needs are and what skills are useful in emergency situations.

  2. Identify your goals - analyze what your specific goals and needs are for preparation. What is the level of preparation you want to achieve?

  3. Plan - make a contingency plan and identify specific steps to take in various emergency situations. Determine what supplies of food, water, medicine and other essential items you should have. Also identify skills worth developing, such as first aid, field orientation, campfire cooking, etc.

  4. Build up supplies - try to accumulate supplies of food, water and other necessary items gradually, according to a plan. Pay attention to the long expiration date of food and rotate supplies regularly to avoid wastage. Also take care of other necessary items such as flashlights, batteries, cleaning supplies, tools, etc.

  5. Develop skills - in addition to stockpiling supplies, it is important to develop practical skills that can be useful in emergency situations. Learn first aid, lighting fires, building makeshift shelters, collecting and purifying water, growing food, etc.

  6. Build a network: find other preppers or people with a similar approach to preparing for crises. You can join local prepper groups, attend workshops or thematic meetings. Working together and sharing information with others is very valuable in emergency situations.

  7. Be flexible - every crisis situation is different, so it is important to be able to adapt to new circumstances. Regularly review and update your contingency plan and adjust your inventory to meet changing needs and situations.

Remember that prepping is a long-term process that requires time, effort and resources. The key, however, is to take a common-sense and diligent approach to preparations so that you are better prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Preppering is not only the acquisition of skills. In some situations, the right tools and equipment will come in handy. In the store ArmyWorld.en you will find an entire section dedicated to SURVIVAL, which brings together useful accessories.

What he should stock up on Preppers?

  1. Solid blade - in the section tools find a suitable knife, multitool or pocket knife.

  2. A chair - lighting a fire is an essential skill Preppers, appropriate flint and for starters fire starter.

  3. Clean water - water treatment tablets and filters is an absolute must-have.

  4. Food - number one is a long expiration date ration or dried meat.

  5. Light - in the event of a blackout, the following will come in handy flashlight or emergency candle.

  6. Backpack- A prepper's bag should be packable and modular, such you will find here.

  7. Also of interest: solar shower, completing a first aid kit or emergency whistle.

You are wondering "what is the difference between survivalist from preppers"? Preppers strives to survive in the conditions he has faced so far, while a lover of survivalist has the ability to survive in the wilderness. Of course, these skills combine, as there may be times when we cannot stay in our homes. It is important to join forces and act as a group in such situations. Everyone then complements each other, contributes something from each other creating a harmonious team.


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