Welcome to the Armyworld!

Store Armyworld.pl offers high quality military and tactical clothing. Our customers on the website and in stationary stores can purchase contracted products from military stocks. Surplus stock comes from the German, American, British, Dutch, Austrian, Polish or Czech armies. There are also equivalents of original military clothing, a wide range of camouflage meets the needs of customers.

Available military equipment and clothing is in used or new stock condition. Military patterned products come from top manufacturers. We offer a large number of expedition, survival and military backpacks, which are available in different capacities and colors. Modular cargo pouches, hip pouches and pouches will help you organize and carry your gear. Wide range of outdoor clothing at Armyworld.pl allows customers to select an outfit for the trip. Proper attire will protect the wearer from freezing, getting wet and overheating. The brands we offer meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, providing protection during activities.

A wide range of military and tactical boots from various companies sets us apart from other military stores. We are also the official representative of Haix in Poland. Most in-stock models are available off-the-shelf, so we are able to quickly prepare orders, and provide instant replacement or return service. Haix® - Schuhe is a German company founded in 1948. One of the world's largest footwear companies specialized supplies the army, special services, fire departments and large factories. The brand uses innovative technology and high-quality materials. In addition, years of experience contribute to the high functionality of the footwear. All Haix products are designed to keep the user safe during all activities. OhAIX® footwear is known all over the world. Haix boots stand for the best materials and latest technology, and above all, durability, comfort and safety.

We invite you to take a look at the offer and enjoy your shopping :).

Receipt of ordered goods is also possible in our company stores in Borowo (on the route Żukowo-Kartuzy) at Topolowa 2a Street and in Sierakowice at Kartuska 29 Street in the Pomorskie voivodeship.