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Travel cutlery is extremely useful item of equipment for travelers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. It allow you to comfortably eat on the go and in the open air.

Military cutlery is a set of tools and accessories to help prepare and consume meals while traveling. The traditional set includes a can opener, knife, fork and spoon. The design is usually folded or closed in a practical case, making it easy to store and transport. Some sets include additional elements such as a corkscrew, spatula or cutting board. Travel cutlery must be light, compact and easy to carry.

Tourist cutlery is made of different materials. Stainless steel is a popular choice because of its durability and corrosion resistance. Aluminum is light and easy to carry, but may be less durable. Plastic, such as nylon or ABS plastic, is lightweight, unbreakable and often used in folding kits.

Travel cutlery is designed for portability. Light weight and easy storage in a backpack, bag or pocket is a priority. Many kits are packaged in special cases or covers that ensure safe storage and protect against dirt.