Tourist Kitchen

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In the category "Tourist Kitchen" you will find a complete set of accessories and utensils needed for cooking at bivouac, camping and other outdoor expeditions.

The products offered on ARMYWORLD.PL are distinguished by field cookers and gas rings, which are easy to use and perfect for outdoor cooking. Different models of tourist cookers can be powered by solid fuel, such as tablets or wood, and gas / cartridge. Numerous food and drink accessories and utensils such as mess kits, canteens, water bags and bottle openers make it easy to prepare meals and provide comfort when spending time outdoors.

Whether you plan to cook at the campsite, by the bonfire or in rough terrain conditions, the "Tourist Kitchen" category on provides a wide selection of essential products. The offered items are dedicated to lovers of tourism and outdoors, who appreciate high quality and functionality.

Tourist Kitchen - don't forget about water!

Cooking in the field away from civilization will not do without water. It is good to have a proper container for water when traveling, especially if you plan to cook and use the tourist kitchen. In the shop we offer different models of containers with different capacities, which will hold water needed for washing dishes, hydration of the organism and cooking food. Some of these containers are foldable, making them easy to transport and store.

Remember, that water is extremely important when traveling, especially in places where access to clean water may be limited. Make sure the water container is made of safe materials that will not adversely affect the quality of the water. When choosing a container, pay attention to the capacity that best suits your travel needs.

The ideal companion of a culinary and tourist trip will also be a filter for water and special tablets for its purification.

Tablets for water treatment are a budget and simple solution. One tablet is usually enough to clean 1 litre of water. It is important to remember that water treated in this way may still contain minor physical impurities such as sand. For this reason, it is recommended to pass the purified water through a special filter for additional protection.

Filter bottles are a popular choice among tourists. Ready-made, compact bottles with built-in filter allow the treatment of up to 200 litres of water. It is important to choose a bottle made of safe BPA-free plastic. These types of water filters are particularly recommended for people who are looking for a simple and quick solution without additional accessories.